2016 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of every month

Meetings times are 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Henry Leissing will be discussing the our American history, heritage and our Constititon. Please join us.

(Lunch is Optional)

Tax Deductible Donations are welcome using your Debit or Credit Card

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S e n t i n e l  P a t r i o t s

An IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.

 Who are the Sentinel Patriots?

Patriotic Americans in Favor of a U.S. Government

Functioning Under Strict Adherence to the

U.S. Constitution

If you're looking to meet like-minded people in Henderson County and the western Upstate area who want to make a difference in our community's future, Sentinel Patriots may be the organization that meets your requirements.

We ARE NOT about party - Republican or Democrat - nor are we focused on social issues.  We ARE about  pursuing the idea that understanding the Constitution and the intent of its words as originally written, is the only way we can reclaim our nation and assure future generations that the American dream of 1776 lives on.

We believe that the Constitution must be the yardstick by which all candidates are to be measured before seeking and while holding any public office. We also believe in State's rights. Any powers not clearly enumerated in the Constitution as the right of the federal government are specifically given to the individual States. The power of the federal government is to be limited by the states and is not solely vested in any of the three branches of the elected government. (See the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution)

Why Sentinel Patriots Offer Educational Classes on the U.S. Constitution & Providential Events Proving the Hand of God was involved in our founding:
The Sentinel Patriots mission is to educate individuals and organizations about the need for unity on a few crucial actions that can lead to the restoration of the principles, policies and providential events that shaped the founding of our nation.  We hope you will contact us and plan to attend one of our luncheon sessions along with other freedom-loving, liberty-minded individuals in circles of influence and get involved.

The time has come to stop talking about the problems we and America face today. We cannot wait and must make the personal decisions to join other like-minded Americans and come together to learn about the power that the US Constitution provided us and begin using it to focus on solutions. A dying man has little need to learn more about the disease that is killing him; he needs to focus on finding a cure.

That is why we formed the Sentinel Patriots. We are rapidly running out of time and need to begin taking action today, and our classes on the Constitution are a solid first step.  Once you understand that the power lies with “We the People…” and you and your neighbors unite, we will become the irresistible force needed to restore our Constitution and the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Please invite your friends and neighbors to join you and us in this effort to save our nation.